My aim was to look at the topic of ‘what exactly is vidding?’ Many will think it is just montages created by fans of certain media they enjoy, but by looking at this video, I hope to bring awareness to a unique community that come together on the same interest of creating a new form of art, despite having different interest in the media they use to create said content.

I want to thank all the vidders that took the time to be apart of this video and share their experiences, knowledge, opinions on this community we are apart of. I also want to thank those who gave me permission to use their edits and I tried my best to credit every additional source used that I couldn’t get in contact with.

Finally, I just want to say that this is my first time doing something different like this, so I hope it came out interesting enough to follow, considering its duration time! I keep calling this a ‘documentary film’ but really it’s just a long commentary? video? lol idk, but it is something dear and important to me, so I tried my best to do the topic and everyone involved justice!